Small Business Marketing Solutions

We're dedicated to helping small to medium businesses with their marketing needs. Specialized in advertisement design, social media marketing, street teams and marketing consultation.


  • Graphic Design

    Specialized in print and web production, with Streets of Atlanta Promotions you'll have some of the best designers in Atlanta on your side.
  • Social Media Management

    Use social media to tell your story, love your customers and spread the word about your business, Streets of Atlanta Promotions will show you how!
  • Email Marketing

    Plain and simple, email marketing works. Rise above the noise and land directly in your customers' in-box. S.O.A.P. will turn your email list into a value added promotional tool!
  • Marketing Consulting

    Don't know where to begin? Don't worry, Streets of Atlanta Promotions will meet with you personally and work towards a marketing strategy that is as unique as your brand!

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Remembering the fallen: One city’s love of parking. A response to responses. RE: Downtown Atlanta Parking Assessment

Tell any new urbanist there’s been a new parking study and you’ll likely see her blood begin to boil. “Parking is not a right!” will be proclaimed and refer
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A Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper, Underground Atlanta

Since the late 1980’s retrofitting, in the usual top-down approach of its day, Underground Atlanta has laid relatively dormant. Despite, perhaps even because of, numerous con
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Atlanta Marketing 

At Streets of Atlanta Promotions we treat each client as an opportunity to tell the unique story of his or her business. And every business has a unique story. Whether it’s a legacy, commitment to the environment, the lowest price, or the most premium service, there’s always something that sets a business apart from its competition. We help businesses define those traits and develop a cohesive messaging strategy that combines the business’s marketing efforts and helps drive revenue through the roof.

Many businesses understand the importance of advertising. Many more understand the importance of email marketing and a strong social media presence. But not as many know what to say or how to engage people on social media or in their in-boxes. S.O.A.P. will help lead the way. At your side from concepting to completion we’re dedicated to getting the most our of your marketing buck!