Streets of Atlanta Promotions are experts at combining on brand content and effective subject lines to get the most out of your email marketing. Effective and affordable get your email marketing on the right track today!

A strong email strategy is central to many well rounded digital marketing strategies, and it’s little wonder why. Plain and simple, email marketing works. As 2013 rolls in, it’s clear this trend isn’t changing soon. Many businesses see the importance of an email list but few know what to do with these lists or don’t understand why they’re not getting a good response, if any, from the emails sent. That’s where Streets of Atlanta Promotions comes in. Affordable and analytical, S.O.A.P. combs through every aspect of our client’s email marketing: where they’re getting subscribers from, what were the subject lines, who did the emails say they were from, what did the emails look like, what did they say, was there an offer, everything. From there we narrow down what worked, what didn’t, and try new strategies based on our research.

S.O.A.P. believes strongly in an opt-in email marketing strategy. We believe our client’s email newsletters should be something their subscribers are proud to receive, something they value, and something worth sharing. Deals and offers should be relevant to the recipient as should be the email content. Finally, emails should be relevant to the other marketing efforts of the business.

Contact S.O.A.P. today and get your digital marketing on a path towards success. Whether you’re just starting out, or are frustrated with your previous response let us help freshen up your approach and increase your bottom line.