Sell Sheets

List your key attributes in a visually appealing way and leave a lasting impression after your next meeting

Tri-Fold Brochure Design

Ideal for direct mail, point of purchase displays and client presentations, our tri-fold brochure designs look great and are packed with information

Presentation Folder Design

Equip your sales staff with the tools they need to succeed. A well designed presentation folder shows your professionalism, before the meeting even begins

Ad Development & Design

See what years of advertising experience and some of the most creative minds in the business can do for you

Good design is a table stake of effective promotion. If you want to remain competitive and be taken seriously, a visually appealing graphic design is your boarding pass. And let’s face it, restaurant owners don’t start restaurants because they love designing print ads and menus. The landscapers we know aren’t the best with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. And Streets of Atlanta Promotions is great at design and marketing, but we’d be a horrible restaurant. In other words, let us do what we do best for your business so you can do what you do best for your business.

Having a well thought out brochure design can set you miles above the competition. Sales flyers, membership cards, point of purchase displays, presentation folders are just a few examples of how great design can impact your business.

How designs are made: 

The first step in the design process is to determine what we want the design to do. In doing that we discover what we’d like to say, how we’d like to say it, and of course who we’d like to say it to (your target audience).

This is where we take the design concept begins to take on actual content. Logos, colors, visual attributes. The design “attitude” or “mood” is determined during this phase, and we write out each line of copy for you to approve before passing it off to our design team.

Now it’s time to let the magic happen as we pass off our notes and research to the creative department for them to re-construct into a visually appealing design. We smooth out any rough edges and perfect each line of copy during the revision process and final phases of the design.

Let’s Print!
Once we have our design approved it’s time to send it off to the presses. Streets of Atlanta Promotions has a vast network of printing allies and can facilitate just about anything involving ink and paper.

Masters of Visual Communication

Streets of Atlanta Promotions knows how to combine striking imagery with compelling copy to get you noticed. We’ll work with you on defining who your target audience is, in which media outlets we can reach them, and design an ad, or sales collateral, aimed at hitting your target audience with laser like precision. From sales sheets to info graphics, tri-fold brochure design, presentation design, print ad designs, or web banner designs, our mission is to present your business in the best light possible.

We make printing easy

Thanks to our in depth knowledge of the print industry, and superb project management skills, we take the hassle out of dealing with a printer. Issues pertaining to border, color mode and other common printer headaches are handled way BEFORE we print. This keeps projects on time, and, most importantly, on budget.